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Expectations & Preparations

Square One: You will have a digital version of your mural design. You will have paint chips representing the color pallet of your choosing. What you see is what your mural will be. Our creative contract will cover expectations and total cost. Our creative contract, digital design version, and paint chip collection is final agreement to expectation. (Once we're 'on the wall' change requests will add costs and time to your mural.)

Lighting. During the course of my work, I may bring in a portable painting light if the room is dark due to weather or window size/placement. (I'll need an electrical outlet)

Tools. Main tools I'll be bringing into your home are brushes, ladder, painter's paper/tarp, painter's tape, water source (if none is available for me). My tools can be left in the room end of day prepped for next day or stored in a large bin depending on your lifestyle needs.

Water. Acrylic paint is water soluble and does no harm to plumbing. An available sink/bathroom utility room or kitchen expedites my processes. I'm fastidious with other's property and leave your things as I found them.

Hours. You set my hours on your wall. I paint every day until the wall is finished unless your schedule conflicts.

Noise. I'm quiet on the wall. I don't listen to music via buds or speakers. I've been told I'm a ghost while painting.

The Wall. Your main wall color is your responsibility. Wall preparation for my arrival also includes clean walls, cleared space no less than four feet facing the wall to be worked. Furniture and the like moved 'aside' does not need to be tarped unless we are including the ceiling. Painting a mural isn't as messy as you might think.

Pets. I'm a big companion animal fan. I love all the animals. But they need to be cordoned out of the room I work as the tarped/papered floor will be laid out with paints/brushes/water. Unless you like paw prints around the house in bright colors. Which you may. Just let me know. Bird rooms being a specialty; I love all birds, big or small. And if your companion birds don't mind me, I don't mind them.

Paint. Low/No VOC paint smell is akin to a clean smell. Safe for humans and animals. I paint in a thin manner so drying time to no smell at all is fast.

Access. Please let your neighbors know about me. A stranger coming and going can be off putting. Additionally, security systems and I do not get along. I'll ask they be turned off during my entry and exits. Nobody enjoys alarms and 60 seconds to call a false alarm. No matter key fob or pass code I've run into dead battery and typos. Let's just bypass that for a few days.

Payments. A 20% non-refundable down payment is due at signing of our creative contract, remainder due at final viewing finish. You will receive a digital invoice for each transaction. Debit, Credit, Cash.

Download a printable document of Expectations and Preparations HERE.